A Time Machine for Your Event

Nostalgia. Happens. Here.
Apple Tv Show
Planet of the Apps

How amazing is Incubate? Amazing enough to be featured on Apple’s first ever television show, Planet of the Apps.


Incubate: The Digital Time Capsule lets you send messages to exact moments in the future, from one minute up to 25 years!

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Never forget your wedding day! Relive the love for years to come with Incubate My Wedding.

Make your event ICONIC with our awe-inspiring Future Booth – a fully functional 55″ iOS pad.

Time-travel is this easy.

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“A wedding must-have!”

The most meaningful messages in the world!

Incubate is the world’s premier digital time capsule! Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, reliving college fun, leaving legacy messages to loved ones – all happen here.

We weren’t surprised that Incubate was popular, but we were blown away with how popular it was at events and with brides. We listened to the unique needs of our users and created unique digital time-capsule experiences. For brides, we created Incubate My Wedding; for events we created the world’s first Future Booth.

Because timing is everything.

Incubate users can easily see how many messages they have flying through time and even see a countdown to the exact second that the next message will hatch.

When messages hatch, friends and family are reconnected in the most meaningful way imaginable. 

Let’s make your event unforgettable, literally.

Incubate My Wedding
$299.00 399.00


Future Booth
$1,999.00 2,999.00