Never Forget Your Wedding Day

Create your wedding. Invite your guests. Receive a lifetime of memories.

Incubate My Wedding was created so that a couple’s wedding day never has to end. Using the world’s #1 digital time capsule, the mobile app Incubate, your guests will send video and picture messages to exact moments in the future – from one minute up to 25 years. Anniversaries will never be the same!

“A wedding must-have!”

How It Works - Before Your Wedding

The ONLY step before your wedding is to create and activate your Incubate My Wedding account.

By activating your account, you will:

– Invite your guests

– Select your “future moments”

– Secure 25 years of message storage

In less than fifteen minutes I ensured that my guests knew exactly what to do and that I had secured 25 years of message storage.” – Rob Arnold, Groom

How It Works - During Your Wedding

All you have to do is enjoy the celebration. Your guests will have a blast using Incubate to create a lifetime of memories. It’s this easy…

It’s like Snapchat, but WAY better.  Instead of disappearing, pictures and videos are sent to the FUTURE!” -Capri Kera, Guest

How It Works - After Your Wedding

Get ready for a future full of OMG moments!

– Here’s where the magic happens again and again and again – you’ll see how many messages you have flying through time and a countdown to the exact second the next message is hatching.

– Every time a message hatches, all recipients are reconnected with the loved one who sent it. It’s like your party never ended. 😉

– When Incubate messages hatch and are shared on social, they get 3 times the shares, likes and retweets – brace yourself for all the social love.


Even though you see them coming, you’re never fully prepared for the awesomeness inside.” – Leah Arnold, Bride

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should we use Incubate My Wedding?

Your wedding day happens SO FAST. Everyone always tells you to cherish the moments while they happen. But between dancing, vows, food and greeting your guests – time can fly. Incubate My Wedding allows it to slow down by giving you a lifetime of memories you can enjoy. Get started today!

How much does Incubate My Wedding cost my guests?

Incubate My Wedding is FREE FOR ALL YOUR GUESTS. Simply purchase our wedding package and we’ll give all your guests unlimited access to our app + 25 years of photo and video storage for everyone in your wedding!

What smartphones and devices are compatible with Incubate My Wedding?

Incubate: The Digital Time Capsule, the app your guests will download, is compatible with both iPhones and Android.

How do we let our guests know to use Incubate at our wedding?

Simply copy/paste your guests’ email addresses into your Incubate My Wedding dashboard and they will receive several fun and entertaining emails before your wedding.

How far into the future can I send messages?

Up to 25 years!!! Crazy, right!?! On average, couples receive a third of their messages within the first year, one third between one and five years, and one third over five years.

Leah & Rob’s Story

When Leah and Rob had their wedding, they knew Incubate was pretty awesome.  When they had their first anniversary, they realized Incubating their wedding was the best decision they made… besides each other, obviously 😉

“I want all my friends to have anniversaries like mine!

Leah: We were having our one-year anniversary dinner when this message hatched. I was so happy I was in tears. Then, Rob took my hand and we relived our first dance right there in the restaurant – best moment ever!  

“It was so easy to setup.

Rob: As a seasoned whiskey distiller, I’m a master of patience. But when planning a wedding, every second matters.

Thankfully, we were able to set up IMW in less than 15 minutes.

“Our wedding guests had a blast!

Leah: Not only was everyone still talking about our wedding weeks later, but a full year later our friends’ social media walls were blowing up sharing the messages that they’d sent to the future. Can’t wait for the next one!

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Incubate My Wedding

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Anniversaries will never be the same! With Incubate My Wedding your wedding guests can create video & picture messages and send them to exact moments in the future; from one minute up to 25 years!  

  • Our automated emails effortlessly get your wedding guests educated regarding Incubate: The Digital Time-Capsule
  • Your guests get message hints that are selected by you
  • Message Assurance: 25 years of message storage